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Everyone has memories of when they were a child, dropped their ice cream cone and felt crushed. Today’s equivalent of that childhood disappointment is when you drop your cell-phone on the ground and pick it up only to see that it’s screen is cracked and that it is now unusable. However, we can have your screen fixed in the blink of an eye. After a short phone call, we’ll send a specialist directly to your location and repair your phone while you watch. You could break your phone when you sit down for dinner, call us and we would have your phone working like new before you’re even ready to pay the restaurant check. In fact, repairing your phone could cost even less than your meal, making it not only more convenient than bringing it in to an Apple Store, but also cheaper.

We have received a plethora of five-star reviews from their customers and our repairs have never failed to satisfy. All it takes is one quick phone call, and we will have your phone fixed and ready to go before you know it. We may not be able to put your dropped ice cream back in its cone, but we can repair your phone just in time to save the day.