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iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini
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Are you struggling with a broken iPhone screen? Did your iPad decide to fall into a deep slumber that only Snow White cares to know?

No need to panic, the best phone replacement service iFix iBuy is in town! We are a buying and selling electronics business that provides clients with cash in exchange for broken, old or damaged Apple devices.

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At iFix iBuy, we don’t care to know how you damaged your device. We’ll pay you in cash for it so that you can replace it as soon as you please.

There is no limit to the number of Apple devices you can sell to us. We’ll pay you for each and every iPhone and/or iPad you give us.

How many times have you had to dispose of your phone because of a cracked screen? There’s no use keeping an iPad once it’s soaking wet, right? Wrong! Give it to us and we’ll put the cash in your pocket so that you can buy a new one.

Did your iPhone slip into the toilet bowl by accident? No problem. Did you spill coffee on it and don’t want to tell your angry parent to buy a new one? We got you! Call or visit us today and we’ll take your Apple device and give you cash for it!  Quick, easy and no questions asked!

Remember all that data that was stored on your now broken cell phone? We’ll retrieve it for you so that you can access it once again! iFix iBuy makes sure you won’t have to say goodbye to the sweet memories you captured on your device. Fill in our form now for an instant quote.

Do you want to buy the latest iPhone model, but don’t have that extra cash? Trade your iPhone with us and we’ll give you the extra cash you need. We promise you that you’ll never have to miss another iPhone release! Give us your device in whatever condition and we’ll put the cash in your hand for the effort.

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Brooklyn, NY

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If you’re a Brooklynite struggling with a broken, old, faulty or new Apple device, contact iFix iBuy today! We’ll give you cash in exchange for as many Apple devices as you provide. Fill in our form for an instant quote!

Note: We’re not accepting Samsung Galaxy models at this time.

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