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Ready To Sell Your iPhone? We Buy New, Used, and Broken Phones Anywhere in Bronxville.

We pay cash on the spot for the following models of phones/tablets:
iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus
iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini
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More about selling your phone

iFix iBuy will buy your new, used, or broken iPhone or iPad. Thinking about selling? It doesn’t matter the condition! Perhaps you traded your phone in for a newer model. Get cash today! We’ll buy your device even if it doesn’t work. Perhaps you dropped it and cracked your screen. No problem, give us a call and we’ll still buy it from you, on the spot today. When you call us, we’ll give you a free quote. You can choose to sell it today and get your money on the spot.

Many people have water damaged phones and we buy those too. Many people also have several phones lying around and we will buy them all. Any quantity. Still have data on your device? We can help you to remove that so your personal information is not attached to your phone.

You may have heard of the online phone buying sites where you have to mail your device in and hope that they are not a scam. Sites like Gazelle and others buy phones, but you may be waiting weeks to get paid plus there’s a risk of the phone being lost in the mail or being damaged when it arrives. Now your payout has dropped. Not exactly what you want is it?

iFix iBuy has long been the #1 mobile electronics repair firm in New York and now we buy phones on the spot, for cash. We offer fair pricing for BUYING a number of your electronic devices! We specialize in buying Apple iPhone & iPads. (We are not currently buying Samsung Galaxys). We even buy your cell phone or tablet if it is new, used, or even if it won’t power on. iFix iBuy makes it easy for you to get paid. Just call us for your immediate no-obligation quote. We serve Bronxville so we can meet you today. That’s much better than mailing your device somewhere and waiting weeks to get paid, isn’t it? We give you the highest prices available, combined with excellent service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many people have sold their phones to us with broken buttons, front or back cameras not working, and those that are no longer under warranty. Turn your phone into cash with iFix iBuy today!

We serve the entire Bronxville area with in person cash buying of phones & tablets.

Bronxville, NY

Bronxville is a small village with only 6,500 residents with just a short drive to get to Manhattan. Bronxville is known for its great schools and well established residences; everything from apartments to townhomes to single family homes. For a small area, Bronxville has quite the happenings. Between 2 colleges, train station, hospital, and many community activities. It is located in southern Westchester County and was incorporated in 1898, although its roots go clear back to the 1600’s.

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