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We pay cash on the spot for the following models of phones/tablets:
iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus
iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini
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More about selling your phone

It’s more expensive to replace a broken phone screen than it is to buy a new phone, right?

What’s your solution for a phone that won’t power on? Useless? Un-fixable?

Well not at iFixiBuy!

We’ll pay cash for your iPhone or iPad on the spot!

Do you have a new, broken or old iPhone 5, 5s, 6 or iPad 2, 3, Air or Mini you want to replace? It doesn’t matter what Apple device model you have! We’ll give you cash in exchange for it.

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We deal with what others consider useless. We love dead phones that won’t power on, broken screens that barely give you access to your phone and iPads with smashed exteriors.

What do you do when you break your phone screen? Most people struggle with broken smartphone screens up until the point they can afford a new one. This doesn’t have to be you!

What if you could get cash just for having a broken/old iPhone or iPad? We buy new Apple devices as well as those that don’t work anymore.

We’re the guys you call when your toddler just spilled milk on your phone. We’re the guys you call when your drunk friend just broke your screen on the dancefloor. We’re the guys you call when you are anticipating the next iPhone release and you’re short on cash.

It doesn’t matter if your phone is soaking wet, smashed to bits or dead, iFix iBuy will buy your phone from you and pay in cash so that you can buy a new one ASAP!

One more thing, you know how we have to deal with losing our data once our phones are no longer usable? Well, no more! You don’t have to worry about all your pictures, videos, tracks, etc. that were stored on your Apple device. The best phone replacement service in town, iFix iBuy will take care of it! We’ll help you remove the data on your phone safely and access it as you please.

With a backup plan this sweet, it’s time you looked up the best phone replacement service in your area- iFix iBuy. Our prices are fair and convenient and we think you’ll find our services are top notch. Contact us today to find out how you can sell your new, broken, old or dead iPhone or iPad (we’re not purchasing Samsung Galaxy models at the moment).

The Bronx, NY

Bergen County is the most populated county in New Jersey. If you ask any Bergen resident why they think this is so, they will probably say it’s because it is a city away from a city. Most people want the best of both worlds- proximity to New York and peace and quiet at the same time.

What are the chances you’ll drop your iPhone or iPad on the train ride into the city? Quite high! No matter how much you try and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city life, it always gets you at the Subway!

You don’t have to struggle with that broken screen, faulty camera or old phone anymore. Our service guarantees you have cash in hand to get yourself a new iPhone or iPad.

There is no wait and there is no con. Fill in our form and get a quote for your device(s).

Bergen quick facts:

-Bergen’s county seat is at Hackensack

-Hackensack is Bergen’s most populated municipality

-It was a battle site during the American Revolutionary War

-Bergen’s highest point is Bald Mountain.

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