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We Fix iPhone 5,5S,5C,6,6S,6+,6S+,7 Broken Screens & Cracked Glass Can Be Fixed Today

iPhone Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

For iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S: iFix iBuy isn’t like your run-of-the-mill third party phone repair shop. You can ask around, and you would be are bound to hear about unreliable third parties who broke the phone even further, or charged way too much for unnecessary work. Our employees are knowledgeable professionals, and they have an astronomical success rate handling broken iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Have a look around our site, and you will see that we let you go shopping for your particular fix. The majority of these repairs can be done on the day they are ordered. We know how important your phone is to your daily life, and we would like you to get back to your place as soon as humanly possible.

Some of the most common repairs that we tackle each day include: (but is not limited to):

  • Volume buttons
  • Loudspeakers
  • Home buttons
  • Front cameras
  • Cracked/non-responsive screens
  • Battery replacements
  • Charge ports
  • An ‘unknown’ fix for those who aren’t sure what the problem is

All our store locations are well-equipped to handle most of the iPhone and other smartphone issues with the same day service, even if you have the new iPhone 6.

iFix iBuy is a house call service, so we come to you! Located in cozy, picturesque Bronxwood, NY, and we pride ourselves on navigating the scenic streets to save you both time and stress.

Most repairs of these take less than an hour and are usually done instantly unless we are taking extra steps for bigger phone repair challenges. If you do not live in the area, then that won’t be a problem as anyone outside of the house call area can use our mail in service and receive the same service.

iPad Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

Most third party iPhone repair shops fix iPhones and nothing else. Having a niche is great and all, but where does that leave iPad customers? It leaves them stuck, and these days’ iPads rank right up there with phones in terms of daily importance. A store should service both and have the same quality of service. You know, like iFix iBuy does.

We service the following iPad; 2, 3, 4, Air, and Mini; some common repairs that we provide are:

  • LCD replacement
  • Glass Digitizer replacement
  • Headphone Jack repair
  • Dock Connector repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • The same ‘unknown fix’ option available for the iPhone

The iPad Air has far fewer common repairs available (the most used being Glass Replacement). However, the hidden repair option will still encompass any unique problems you come across.

Because iPads are big and complex, this makes their parts more expensive, and the fixes usually are not so simple thus repairs are a bit pricier. However, you should not worry as the final amount still comes in way below Apple price point, and the repairs are still completed at a record-breaking speed. Basically, you can expect the same top quality service for your iPad as those you get for your iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

For Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, & S5- Based on phone wars, people get just as opinionated and zealous about phones. Here, we fix phones, and we do not take sides. The Samsung Galaxy is an immensely popular phone with surprisingly few third party repair shops, so we decided to swing in and save the day. Samsung phones may not see as many problems as their competitors, but they still need some repair love on occasion (typically for busted glass or button issues). As always, you have the unknown fix option, and you can mail your phone in if you don’t live in the neighborhood.

Well take any issue you have and go the distance to solve it. Water damage, software problems, if it happens to your device we’ll bet pretty much anything that the fix is right up our alley. The only thing or service we don’t do is the handling of iCloud locks on the iPhone. However, but we take care of other issues at very minimal charges. And if you are worried we do not fix your particular problem, you can give us a call or text, and we would give you the guide. (We include texting in any case that one or more of your phones speakers are on the fritz.)

Every phone repair comes with a 30-day warranty. We put our best work and professionalism into every repair, and we do not want you to settle for any less. If there is a further problem because of us, well own up to it.

We do house calls and mail-in. You can equally drop your device off, and we’ll fix it and bring it back to you on the same working day. Just spare your time and try to schedule your repair with iFix iBuy. Whether you are in Bronxwood, NY or not, we can help you NOW.