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iPhone Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

Who has not broken their iPhone? Who hasn’t had theirs go on the fritz for no comprehensible reason? Frankly speaking, regardless of the type of Apple device which you own whether iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C or 5S or 6, your daily life is practically guaranteed to harm your phone in some way. As strange as it may sound, this is understandable since it is just how life happens. The only thing which you should make sure never happens is you spending more than you should in the process of trying to get the phone fixed and then still having to wait for it for more than a day! Some places (including Apple) take weeks! This is unrealistic and so is fixing it yourself, especially if you have no prior experience handling an iPhone. The only option amidst all of this is finding a reputable repair shop who is quick and fairly priced like iFix iBuy.

iFix iBuy is not in any way similar to your normal run of the mill third party phone repair store. Ask around, you will get to learn about unreliable third parties who chances are have ended up breaking the phone even further. That is besides charging too much for the repairs they carried out. This is not the type of business in which iFix iBuy is involved in. Our employees are all knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience and success in handling (servicing) of broken iPhones, Samsung Galaxies as well as iPads.

A look around our website is enough proof that we will let you shop for your specific fix taking into consideration the extent your phone is damaged. As for the turnaround time, we complete most of our repairs on the same business day. We understand the fact that your phone is truly vital to your daily life, hence our main objective during the repair process is usually to get you back your phone in the best working condition as soon as we possibly can. In fact, you can even price specific repairs which include the following (but are not limited to any):

  • Volume buttons
  • Loudspeakers
  • Home buttons
  • Front cameras
  • Cracked/non-responsive screens
  • Battery replacements
  • Charge ports
  • An ‘unknown’ fix for those who aren’t sure what the problem is

In order to make sure that you are fully covered, we offer servicing for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S. What’s more, in case you are interested in having your phone unlocked, we also offer that service for both 3G as well as the 3GS models. Simply put, we try as much as we can to make sure that regardless of the issues compromising the performance of your phone, we run diagnostics and come up with a solution to sort it out in the shortest time possible.

iFix iBuy also offers a housecall service. This simply means that we come to you instead of you looking for us. Located in Bedford Park, NY we pride ourselves in navigating the scenic streets on your behalf consequently saving you time.

About Bedford Park: This neighborhood boasts spectacular views of the Botanical Garden, and is home to diverse ethnicities. It houses iconic buildings such as churches, the oldest being the Bedford Park Congregational Church, and other religious institutions. The Academy of Mount St. Ursula all-girls prep school is located here, which is the oldest Catholic school in NY. The population is greatly made up of a myriad of ethnicities where you can also find various restaurants, social clubs and many other foreign businesses.

Most of the repair orders we receive are handled in less than an hour and in cases where the problem cannot be easily fixed, extra steps are usually taken. For clients who live outside our area of operation all that is required is taking advantage of the mail in service after which we’ll always arrange and provide you with the same service just like anyone else.

iPad Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

We also service the iPad 2, 3, 4 iPad Air and iPad Mini. Some of the common problems which we handle on a regular basis include: –

  • LCD replacement
  • Glass Digitizer replacement
  • Headphone Jack repair
  • Dock Connector repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • The same ‘unknown fix’ option available for the iPhone

The iPad Air however, has the least repairs with the most requested repair service being glass replacement. Interesting thing about all of this is the fact that the unknown fix option is still able to cover any unique problems found on your iPad.

Since iPads are usually big, lightly more complex and also because most of their parts are expensive, fixing them requires more time plus it is a bit pricier. No need to get alarmed though since our total cost for repairs is usually way below Apples price point. What’s more, repairs are completed at record breaking speeds. Simply put, expect the same quality service that you get for you iPhone for your iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Repairs- Including Broken Screens/Cracked Glass

For Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, & S5

Samsung phones might not see as many performance issues as their competitors but they still require some form of servicing / repair occasionally. This is where we (iFix iBuy) come in. As you probably already know, for Samsung repairs we also have the unknown fix option as well as with the mail service.

Be it software problems or water damage, we take the issue seriously and leave absolutely nothing to chance in the process of solving it. It is important to note that the only thing which we do not do is handling iCloud locks on the iPhone. In case you are worried that we don’t fix the problem specific to your phone do not hesitate to call us.

It is equally important to note that all of our repairs come with a one month warranty. What’s more, in case you notice that your phone has developed any further complications because of our repair efforts, well always own up to it.

Finally, as already mentioned, we allow for mail-in(s). In fact, you can even choose to drop your phone off for service too (typically ready in a couple hours- at the latest by the end of the day). Next time your phone is broken, do yourself a favor and schedule yourself a repair with iFix iBuy no matter where you live.